In Honor Of A Special Brother

In honor of a Special Brother; Three Time Past Master and fifty year member of Berwyn Masonic Lodge; Worshipful Bro. Robert Johnson has passed way. All of the Masonic Fraternity mourns this loss. This was a Man who was as special to Berwyn Lodge as the Lodge was to him. Bob was truly a pillar in our lodge and will be greatly missed. His memorial service was attended by brethren from every Lodge in the area and given full honors. From his flawless recitation of work, after hearing only a few words, to his last song with Luisito’s arm around him at the end of the last meeting. Each and every one of us will miss him deeply. Our deepest sympathies are with the entire family and especially with his daughter Judy who made sure that Bob made as many meetings as possible in recent years. Robert Johnson will be sorely missed as a man, as well as a Great Mason. Our prayers will forever be yours.

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