September Temple Topics


Upcoming events can always been seen on the lodge website, as well as on the Berwyn Lodge Facebook page maintained by Bro. Alejandro Cabral. By the time you read this, we will have held our lodge picnic (thanks especially to Bros. Gadi Levi and Ed Powell), participated in Berwyn’s Oktoberfest, held a Friend’s Night / Open House at the lodge, and conferred two more Third Degrees (congratulations to new Master Masons Josue Nunez and Juan Merced Jr., as well as to Bro. Ed who received his MM degree since our last article)! Those degrees were my debut performance as King Solomon, and I want to thank the Brethren for their support and confidence.

A shout out goes to W.B. Pat Coletta with congratulations on getting out the hospital and wishes for a rapid recovery.

Haven’t been to Berwyn in a while? Come on back – we have lots of great things brewing. And you can enjoy “DJ Berwyn” spinning tracks Masonic and otherwise.


A recent discussion at the lodge highlighted our commitment to relief of our distressed members. If you are a Berwyn member and are having difficulty attending lodge due to financial issues or need some other kind of help, please contact the Secretary and/or Master. We miss you.



Last week, I woke up with a strange uncomfortable feeling in my stomach. It wouldn’t go away, and I went to the emergency room, where I was diagnosed with appendicitis and quickly had laparoscopic surgery to remove my appendix. I am pleased to say that the surgery went great, the nurses were terrific, and I was out the next day and walking around.

Sudden illness and emergency surgery is scary. The older I get, the more aware I become of the level of time on which I travel and of the potential pitfalls which might await me. For example, I don’t like pain, and I don’t relish having a hard time moving around. But as I lay there in the hospital bed, I was reminded of the difference between pain, a physical sensation, and suffering, the state in which pain, fear, exhaustion, loneliness, or anxiety combine to create the true ruffians that threaten our lives and labors. I have been lucky to feel only some pain and no suffering, thanks to the support of my family, friends, and Brothers. As it happens, I spent some time there practicing King Solomon’s part in the second section of the third degree, and fully partaking of some of the symbolism of that drama.

Brethren, if you go into the hospital, please contact the lodge (and the Secretary and the Master). We will want to send our good wishes, visit as much as possible, and otherwise let you know that you are not alone.




The lodge is seeking someone to take over the position of Temple Topics editor. Please give the W.M. a call or email if you’re interested.


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