From the Secretary


1. Our Lodge will be dark this Tuesday, Dec 27. The building will be closed.
2. 2012 dues cards are now available. Your early payment will help OUR lodge operation. Thank you for those who have already paid.
3. I am working on the Grand Lodge MORI system where I may update member’s information on my end. If you need some changes or additions into your profile, please email it to me at
4. If you received a “final notice to pay dues” and you feel I made an error, please don’t hesitate to call my attention.  You may email me or call me at my Cell Phone # 773.941.9929. I will be very happy to make corrections to rectify the problem.

Below are the lists of brethren who have not updated their address and or contact information. Mails came back as “Bad Address” or “No such
address”. I would like to request each and everyone’s assistance that If you happen to know anybody listed below to please inform them of this message.

1) Noel VillaSenor 2) Francisco VillaSenor 3) Hort W. Gieselmann 4)
Michael Milenkovic 5) Anthony J. Marra 6) Anton J. Ruska 7) Steven
8) Jad Gandour 9) Christopher P. Veltmann 10) Felix Vasquez 11) Joseph
L. Vavra 12) JUan Ochoa 13) Wayne Oleson 14) Rafael Gonzalez 15) Jose
C. Hernandez
16) Dirk Jarvis 17) Luis Andino 18) Raymond M. King Jr. 19) Warren T.
Lebeck 20) Oscar T. Leon

Happy New Year to all!

Bro. Luisito P. Fanlo, PM
Lodge Secretary

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