For members behind in dues (From WB Secretary)

To whom this notice may concern:

In our stated meeting of July 24, 2012 our lodge voted to recommend to the Grand Master to suspend 57 members for Non Payment of Dues (NPD) that ranges from 1 year up to 7 years delinquent. As you may know, our lodge exerted all possible efforts to communicate and possibly collect from our delinquent members, including; summons to appear in any stated meeting, telephone calls,  last notice to pay dues and an amnesty that reads:

In accordance to the Grand Lodge Retention Program, please take due notice that BERWYN LODGE # 839 agreed to give amnesty to delinquent members who owes the  lodge more than one (1) year of dues with a reasonable arrangement: “That they pay the current Dues amount of $50 plus $10.00 per capita per year owed” Berwyn Lodge #839 acknowledges the challenges we are facing during this recession.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us, we are here to listen.

Some did availed the amnesty but unfortunately many of you ignored it. The LAST NOTICE TO PAY DUES were sent on December 18, 2011 together with 2012 Dues Notices’ but then again no response from most of you.

We can still salvage some of you from suspension before we vote tomorrow night, August 28, 2012. Please bear in mind: A member under the sentence of suspension for nonpayment of dues from an Illinois lodge shall not be permitted to petition another Illinois lodge for plural membership until he has been reinstated to good standing in the lodge from which he had been suspended. He will be automatically be suspended to any lodge(s) that he may be affiliated including appendant bodies of Masonry.

Today, Grand Master Terry L.Seward gave our Lodge permission to suspend 35 members out of the 57 we recommended. Some were spared for the reason that some of them have passed away and some has been a member for over 37 years.

This is our last appeal to all members concerned; You have until tomorrow night to communicate with us. The Retention Committee for Membership headed by our Senior Warden Bro. Alejandro Cabral is willing to work with you for whatever reason you may have for not able to pay your dues. Our Stated meeting will start promptly at 7PM. Please join us for Dinner at 6PM.

Fraternal Regards!
For the Worshipful Master

lpfanlo, Lodge Secretary

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