August 2013 events

August events at or by Berwyn!

  • Monday August 5 – Brethren please join us as we make our first Lodge Visitation. We will be visiting Western Springs Lodge #1136 for their first degree. 1215 Chestnut St, Western Springs, IL, at 6:30pm.
  • Tuesday August 6- Azure Masonic lodge along with Berwyn Masonic Lodge will be co-sponsoring an IL-CHIP (Illinois Child Identification Program) event at the Chicago Police Department 9th District Station at 3120 S Halsted St Chicago, IL 60608, at 5:30-8:30pm.

    We put together everything parents need to help the authorities find their lost child in a worst case scenario. It’s the most comprehensive program of its kind and FREE of charge to parents.

    What parents receive:
    – Color Photo that records image and height and is digitized on a convenient CD that can be easily circulated by police to the media and distributed across the State within an hour via the Illinois’ Amber Alert Program.
    – DNA Sample taken through a saliva cheek swab to make positive ID’s of lost children.
    – Fingerprints
    – Recorded Interview captures on the same CD as the picture the appearance, speech patterns, personal characteristics, and mannerisms for easy media distribution.

    It only takes 10 minutes and supplies parents with a complete child identification package that can be taken home or carried with the family on vacation. The information is compact and totally private and everything is given to the parents. The IL CHIP program keeps only the parental permission form!

  • Tuesday August 13 – Stated Meeting, Berwyn Lodge, 6pm dinner, 7pm meeting
  • Tuesday August 27 – Stated Meeting (with Guest Speaker), Berwyn Lodge, 6pm dinner, 7pm meeting.

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