Visits back

On the special meeting of September 29, 2009, we had the pleasure of initiating two new Brothers as Entered Apprentices. It was an exciting night, as we hosted not only visitors from Hiram Lodge #14 F&AM PHA, but also brothers from 6 other lodges: Union Park, Azure, La Grange, Integrity, River Forest-Austin, and Clarence P. Schwarz. All told, there were four visiting sitting Masters in attendance, possibly a recent record.

The degree was preceded by lively fellowship over excellent Bohemian food. And as a special bonus, Bro. Joe Tranauskas was presented with his 60-year pin (he’s actually been a Mason now for 61!)

2 comments to Visits back

  • Mike Budde, P.M.

    W.B. Luisito Fanlo:

    Argo-Summit Lodge #1133 would like to come to Berwyn Lodge #839. We have a small token of our appreciation for your generous donation to our lodge. We are looking at the stated meeting of October 27th as a possible date. Would that be agreeable with you, the Worshipful Master and brethren of the lodge?


    Mike Budde, P.M.
    Argo-Summit Lodge #1133

  • That wold be great! – Alan